Minggu, 28 Juni 2009

CanYou Imagine Pestiside onYour Food?????

Non-organic food is full of chemical pestiside, fertlizers, and cause decrease so many minerals in the food
  • 31,000 tonnes of pesticide are sprayed on UK land every year
  • Exposure on a long-term and regular basis to pesticides often results in chronic illnesses such as cancer, and reproductive and neurological related health problems
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that 772,000 new cases of disease caused by pesticides occur annually
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) identifies 150 pesticides as potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing)
...Local farmers complain of respiratory problems, allergies and serious chronic dermatitis. Local communities have seen their cattle lose their hair and their unborn calves after eating contaminated pasture. They’re concerned that they are drinking and washing in water affected by the same chemicals

the contamination of our food; that is, the food that actually comes into our homes to be eaten by us. Examples -

  • 43% of all fruit and vegetables contain measurable pesticide residues
  • 50% of all lettuce has pesticide residues from more than 7 synthetic chemicals
  • 30% of all cereals are contaminated with pesticide residues
  • 93% of Oranges contain pesticide residues

7 komentar:

isabel mengatakan...

wow.... so, there are so many poisons in our body right now? how to fix this problem?

reza mengatakan...

kaga nyangka..

ternyata bnyak yg berbahaya jg ya.

tita's daily story mengatakan...

brarti kita memang hrs hati2 ya, agar tetap sehat

Putri ^^ mengatakan...

hidup organic food.. :)
demii kesehatan tubuh.. hehehe..

cw mengatakan...

ayo hidup sehat dgn organik hahahahahahhahahahaha

anggi mengatakan...

of course, makanaya g pindah jadi vege ehm.. tapi g masih bingung antar vege dan organik t sama gk yah
kan kalo vege gk bole mkn daging t...

dariah mengatakan...

brarti kita slama ini makana baygon dun kkan sama aj t.............
gila d ancur d badan g